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International Exhibition and Conference

The Exhibition and Conference "LESECOPROM 2016 was held in the exhibition center BelExpo from 27.04.2016 to 29.04.2016, within the framework of which there were a conference "Investment and innovation in the forest industry of the Republic of Belarus", specialized seminars, such as "Biodiversity Conservation as the uncontested event for sustainable forest management", "The introduction of modern means of mechanization and automation in the timber industry," and " " ‘Green’ economy and ‘green’ architecture”. "

There has been provided all the necessary information about the development of the forest industry in our country, as well as the trends and opportunities for international cooperation.

During the preparations for the conference there has been developed PR action, a preliminary distribution of information to the embassies of foreign countries in the Republic of Belarus and the foreign missions of the Republic of Belarus in foreign countries.

Also, we want to thank the participants and partners for their support and assistance in the preparation and holding of the conference.

Based on the feedback and results of the conference "LESDREVTECH" and "LESEKOPROM" in previous years, we can say with certainty that the interest in cooperation with the forest complex of the Republic of Belarus of international corporations and investors every year has increased greatly. Also, it should be noted that there are growing demands from the government to attract investment and innovation in the field of Forestry of the Republic of Belarus to correspond international standards.

We would be grateful for your support in the formation of interest to the exhibition and conference "LESEKOPROM 2017", which will be held in Minsk in May 2017.We would be grateful for your support in the formation of interest to the exhibition-conference "LESECOPROM 2017", which will be held in Minsk in May 2017.

All the materials and presentations of the Conference "LESECOPROM - 2016" are posted on the websites of Company Group "Capital", the Forestry Ministry : www.capital.by, consultingadvice.wix.com/consulting, consultingadvice.wix.com/capitalgroup, www.mlh.by, and e-mail: bvg@gmail.com, invest@capital.by.

If you are unable to download them, we can personally send you the required material.

Download files:

LESECOPROM 2016 presentations

Conference Programm

List of participants

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