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International Conference and Exhibition

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the XVII International exhibition “LESDREVTEH 2017 and Xth International conference” Investments in the Forest Wood Industry and Green Economy of the Republic of Belarus”, we inform you that the process of preparation of these activities are well under way and will be held from 26 to 28 April 2017 in Minsk at Prospect Pobediteley 20/2, at the National Exhibition Center “BelExpo”.

Please pay attention, that the visa-free entry through the border checkpoint at the Minsk National Airport and the visa-free stay in Belarus for up to 5 days for the citizens of 80 states starting from 12 February 2017.

Taking into account the traditional open-mindedness of the Belarusian authorities, the attractiveness of developing industries and the hospitality of the people of our country, the Exhibition and Conference Program is formed preferably from the suggestions and proposals of the International Professional Community and people interested in cooperation with Belarus timber complex.

Besides well-known attraction of cities and natural sites is the national pride and heritage of Belarus, encouraging for business coopertaion, recreation and tourism, which can be seen by the participants and partners of the event (Exhibition and Conference “LESDREVTECH-2017”) and they will be able to ensure both during the main activities and planned business tours to the operating businesses (business tours formed on the basis of preliminary order of the participants):

- Forestry, nursery-garden, objects of reclamation;

- Energy-saving installation, Pellet production;

- Wood Mill Enterprises of deep processing of raw wood;

- Scientific-research and educational institutions.

A few significant events in the sectors of forestry complex of Belarus over the last year should be noted:

On January 1, 2017 was introduced The New Forest Code of the Republic of Belarus, which takes into account and expands the capabilities of sustainable forest management, reproduction of resources and international cooperation;

The World Bank and the Global Environmental Fund provided loans for the development of the Forestry of the Belarus (in the amount of $42 million.);

Wood industrial complex - nine large enterprises (JCS “Borisovdrev”, “Vitebskdrev”, “Gomeldrev”, “Ivatsevichdrev”, etc.) - have gone through large-scale modernization and they are ready for international partnership;

A national Pulp and Paper Industry with the commissioning of three major plants in 2017 in Svetlogorsk, Dobrush, Shklov allows to compete at the international level;

The quality of Belarusian wood allowed to increase their market prices and it required the development of forest complex production inside the country with high added value;

Increased demand for engineering, machinery and technology services in connection with the presence of old growth forests, as well as the elimination of consequences of natural disasters;

Approaches to the development of Green Economy and Architecture are rapidly gaining its popularity.

The theme of “LESDREVTECH 2017” is traditional and deals with partnership and exchange in the sphere of development:

Forestry and Biodiversity;

Improvement of timber harvesting technology;

Enlargement in processing of wood resources and production waste;

Modernization of Pulp and Paper and Furniture factories;

Technologies, which support the expansion of the Green Economy and the formation of Environmental Management and Education.

The format of the Conference and Exhibition is flexible and depends on Partners and Speakers’ initiatives. They will be integrated by the Organizing Committee in a scenario of events.

We would appreciate if you and your colleagues could inform all stakeholders in the country of your staying about Exhibition and Conference “LESDREVTECH 2017” and the formation of proposals for the composition of the participants and their implementation.

We also inform that fee is reduced for the participating exhibitors, and for the majority of participants taking part into the Conference is free of charge, because the budget of the Conference is formed from the Conference Partners’ contribution.

Partnership package price estimates:

- 2000 euros for the General Partner,

- 1000 euros for Partners.

The Partners of the Conference have the advantages for performance: discounts at the exhibition area as well as the advertisement placement on banners and in the Conference room.

The cost of registration in participation at the Conference:

- 130 euros for non-residents,

- 95 euros for residents of the Republic of Belarus.

Heads of Forestry establishment (Leskhoz) of Belarus and invited persons shall be exempt from payment of the Conference registration fees and their participation in all activities is free of charge.

Letter of Invitation
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