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Seminar "Management efficiency in banking and industrial sphere"

The XXV Congress of Association of Russian banks was held on April 2, where the president of ARB Tosunjan presented his speech together with  the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Nabiullina, the Heads of the Federation Council (Motvienko) and the State Duma (Zhukov), the Minister of Finance, the Chairman of the Central Bank, who revealed the amount of challenges and risks for Russia’s regional, financial and economical blockade.

The participation of the Capital Group in the XXV Congress as well as in other international forums has shown the state of Russian banking , finance and also industrial spheres as a result of recent political and geopolitical changes.

Despite the warnings of Otto von Bismarck: “Never fight with Russians”, a number of developed countries have declared political, financial and economic war on Russia, i.e. on the Common Economic Space and the Customs Union. Taking into account geopolitical threats Russia  always concentrates on searching for a way out of such a situation.  

On the one hand Russia is inspired with the integrational changes (i.e. the Crimea annexation), on the other hand the state is  situated in considerable isolation from international financial and payment systems. Russia’s banking and finance system has proved to be unprepared for independent work in the sphere of domestic and international money circulation. Previous  domestic payment systems were confidentially integrated in the international payment systems such as Visa, Master Card, and SWIFT.

 Task  of developing national payment and investment system that was  stated by the country’s leadership will be implemented with the help of existing large-scale resources and opportunities of the new real union (i.e. the Common Economic Space and the Customs Union). However without advanced international practices and modern knowledge these initiatives can’t work properly for improvement of financial and industrial sectors of Russia as well as the region in general.

Under these circumstances the Institute for the Development of Education in management and communications "Capital" possessing international competence and certificates (Certified Management Consultant(IMC USA), Certificate of World Bank and EBRD and others) intends to assist  in conducting a number of seminars and workshops, expert and consulting services. One of them is the workshop with elements of conference “Management efficiency in banking and industrial sphere” will be held in June 5-6, 2014 in Minsk (the project of the program is attached).


We would appreciate  your desire to participate in the Seminar as well as in the Conference. We are ready to consider all your offers concerning participation in this event.

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