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There is a 2-level banking system (National Bank + 28 commercial banks, to 6 backbone banks belongs a significant part of all banking assets) in Belarus.

Finance institution appeared in Belarus in the same time as in the other CIS. This process started in 1991, when Central Bank of USSR was transformed into Central Bank of Russia and all business accounts of CIS was closed. National Bank of Belarus was established on the base of transforming the branch of USSR savings bank.

Infrastructure of stock market developed very quickly in the same time as banking sector was forming. At first, Belarus stock exchange was opened according Governmental Regulation (later – Law of securities, 1992). Paces of stock market development were so high, that 54 banks worked in 1995 in Belarus. In consideration of privatization 60-65% banking capital was private and only 35%- in the hands of government.
At the same time with Belarus stock exchange Belarus monetary exchange started its work. Quotations of currency were the same in Belarus monetary exchange as in Moscow monetary exchange. But quotations of soft currency were more developed and both Ukraine and Russian Banks used these Belarusian quotations. World Bank considered in 1994 that Belarus was the country with the most developing institutional market according CIS.
But economic situation in Belarus was difficult in 1995. It was hyperinflation (near 2060%) and devaluation of Belarusian ruble. According to guesses Belarusian ruble fell more than 8-12 million cases relative to Soviet ruble.
Government and President were able to start reprivatization in these bad economic conditions. Besides steps of return to planned economy, business discipline  and so on, it made possible to restore the economy to the USSR level.
Moreover, world financial crises 1997-1998 was the reason of more rigorous measures for financial market and capital movement have been frozen almost for 10 year.
After 2000 year achieved political, economical and social stability Government started policy of liberalization. It is necessary for international cooperation and inflow of investment in Belarus economy. According to different experts appreciations Belarus economy needs near 5 billion USD annually or 50 billion USD total.
The first steps of liberalization policy were enactment (investment code and so on). Belarusian law guarantees free profit export and so on. Government accepts more and more liberal steps. According to experts appreciations Belarus has most liberal system of capital circulation. It doesn’t need declaration for export shares and other financial instruments. These and others measures Belarus tries to attract international investment. In view these Belarus got sovereign credit rating. First-rate Belarusian banks also got credit rating. IAS has been introduced. IAS are introduced in all Belarusian banks. Business units started the process of introducing IAS.

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Nowadays Government welcome international investors in banking sector in all banks. Government are ready to privatization banking sector within the bounds of common sense.
State Committee on property has shares in 10 banks in total sum 3351,5 billion Belarusian rubles 1 August 2008. It is 66% nominal capital in banking sector. There are 4 major banks n Belarus: BPS Bank, Belarusbank, Belagroprombank, Belinvestbank. Shares of State Committee on property are more 50% nominal capital in these banks.


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