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Investment projects preparation

“Do not be afraid that someone steals your ideas. If the ideas are worthwhile, they have to be hammered into people's heads”. Harvard Aiken

“Capital Group” has extensive expertise in preparing and implementing investment projects. We are both engaged into investment projects within the country and look for investors outside of the republic.
“Capital Group” offers the following services:
• Legal assessment and assistance in the development of venture and innovation projects.
• Assistance in identifying and evaluating an investment project (business assessment, amount of investments, stocks, fixed assets, etc.).
• Conducting legal review of the invested enterprise.
• Development and justification investment programs.
• Formation and analysis of the full package of documents.
• Promotion and implementation of an investment project.
• Control over the implementation of the agreed scheme of investment.
• Running the business.
• Subsequent control for the benefit of investor.

Investors’ questionnaire
Questionnaire for the recipient of investment
Questionnaire for the collection of investment projects of forestry and woodworking industry sectors
Form for investment projects for agricultural and food sectors
Investment questionnaire for banks and financial institutions

“Capital Group” also provides additional services:

• Support in green field investments, brown field investments
• Choosing the region of investment
• Minimizing the future tax burden
• Selection of a land plot for investment
• Negotiations with representatives of regional authorities and local self-government
• Advising on corporate law
• Acquisition of the selected land plot
• Feasibility / pre-project documentation
• Elaboration of the project documentation
• Construction
• Registration of the ownership for the developed objects
• Legal support for the completion of the investment project

Useful links:
Investment guide-book: offer to investor and partner

Our articles (russian):

Article from 2010

Errors in the implementation of investment projects
In the October issue of “Forestry and hunting " an article came out by the “Capital” director Biryuk V. G. and the chief specialist of the strategies and investments, LLC "Capital" Pyl I. S. "Failure to implement investment projects", where we generalize our experience to work with forest industries.

Place and role of the investment project in the company's strategy.
Pyl, I.S. Place and role of the investment project in the company's foreign investment strategy / / In the world of scientific discovery. - № 4 (10). - 2010. - S. 18-20.

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